Apple Could be Planning a Platinum Edition Apple Watch

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    With Apple set to reveal the Apple Watch imminently, including a variety of different models, some of which stretch to the very luxurious costing thousands of pounds, AppleInsider reports that an even more expensive platinum version could be added to the range.
    According to the original report in the Wall Street Journal, sources say that Apple has been studying platinum casings, which could bump up the price of the top-of-the-range version of the watch even further, with platinum watches frequently selling for triple the price of gold watches.
    The gold Edition Apple Watches are already on course to be some of Apple’s most expensive products, thought to be priced somewhere between $5,000 and $20,000, and the reason why Apple is expected to install safes in its Apple stores, as well as security displays worthy of a high-end jewellers.
    As to what type of gold Apple is using in the watches, it is said to be twice as hard as regular 18-karat gold, but it’s not yet known how Apple has achieved this, although a previous patent application from Apple revealed that the company was looking at the use of low-density ceramic particles that would reduced the gold content of its 18-karat gold by half.
    Source: Future Apple Watches could include platinum models - report
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