Apple could be looking to buy the company behind Microsoft’s Kinect sensor

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    With the latest iPhone and iPad launched, most of the rumors and hearsay are now focusing on the potential launch of Apple’s iTV and iWatch. And we have some information according to which we could see Apple launch an iTV with Kinect-like technology. Israeli financial news site Calcalist reports that Apple might be looking to acquire PrimeSense, the Tel Aviv-based company behind the motion-tracking technology in Microsoft’s original Xbox 360 Kinect. The deal is estimated at roughly $345 million.

    Back in July, Calcalist reported the same thing, but PrimeSense dismissed the information, and it does so this time also.

    But according to Liz Gannes from AllThingsD, PrimeSense’s dismissal of the acquisition confirmation is correct as the deal has not yet been completed. She said:

    Primesense's 3D-scanning technology is used in more than 20 million devices worldwide, including sensors that can be embedded in smartphones and tablets, so this is definitely something that Apple is interested in, besides a potential iTV device with Kinect-like motion sensing technology.

    Source: AllThingsD

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