Apple Could Be Building a Video Streaming Service to Rival Netflix

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    Could Apple TV end up being more than just a TV? If the latest rumors are any indication, then Apple may be looking at something bigger than just a fancy Apple branded monitor to sell. According to "unnamed insider sources" Apple could be planning to develop their own video content streaming service to compete directly with Netflix.

    Supposedly, Apple has grown frustrated with trying to deal with the entrenched TV networks and their reluctance to work out any deals for Apple TV. Because of this, Apple might instead simply go their own way by creating bundles of content and sell it directly to customers. Here's a quote with more of the details,

    The report makes clear that this isn't something that Apple is likely to be revealing for retail anytime soon, but the writing is on the wall, that services like Hulu and Netflix could be the wave of the future. Share your thoughts.


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