Apple could axe down the price of the iPad Mini by April

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Jan 28, 2013.

By RaduTyrsina on Jan 28, 2013 at 1:47 PM
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    Those considering getting an iPad Mini, might want to hold on, at least until April, when reportedly, the refurbished models will finally surface on the market. So far, Apple has been providing the best refurbished models in the industry, so it’s no wonder a lot of Cupertino fans will be excited by the news.

    To predict the discounts the refurbished models are going to sport, we should turn our attention to the iPad 2, because specs-wise, the two models are quite similar. The iPad 2 was first announced back in March of 2011 and just six months later the Apple Store released the first refurbished models. For example, the discount was 7% off the official $649 price for the 64GB WiFi model. Following this train of thought, cheaper iPad Mini models should hit the market somewhere around April or at the beginning of May.

    Customers can purchase the iPad mini at the moment for $329, but let’s say the company will apply a 10% discount, thus reducing the price to $296.

    Talk of Apple working on a second version of the iPad mini are already circling the world wide web and in the eventuality that such an event will happen, Apple will surely have to cut prices on the non-refurbished models as well.

    However, history has proven that, even if Apple does apply discounts to the refurbished models, they are pretty modest. Even so, such offers tend to sell out quickly so if you are interested in such a deal, you might consider an email alert that will notify you as soon as Apple puts these devices on sale.

    Source: CS Monitor


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Jan 28, 2013.

    1. s2mikey
      I always thought the mini should have been $299 to begin with.
    2. tlbaker
      Big whoop!!! Lol.

      But I might think about a 16GB mini... Less $$$.

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    3. AQ_OC
      To me, $30 just doesn't make a difference either way. Well, I guess the initial price had been $369 then I would have starting thinking harder. But since i got the big-boy mini, even that probably wouldn't phase me.

      If the mini had the same exact internal hardware as does the 4 (retina screen, same cpu/gpu, same memory) but just smaller with smaller battery too (due to size), what should it cost? IOW, what should the full-up mini cost due to its smaller size alone? Smaller means less materials, so that should equal less cost, unless making it smaller means you have more severe engineering constraints. I fear this may end up being the case now that we are talking about 128GB models, too.

      I hope the 5S (or whatever they call it) comes with a 128GB option too. If they can do that, then they can make a 128 GB mini, too.
    4. s2mikey
      The $30 bucks really isn't a big deal but its that mental barrier thing for some folks. $299 is UNDER $300 and people like that. Even if it was priced at $307.99, the 8 bucks isn't the issue, it's just that coming in at $299 feels and sounds so right.

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