Apple Continues Work on iOS 8.1.3, Official Release Could be Close

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    Apple customers who are always looking forward to get the next update are probably wondering when is the company going to release iOS 8.1.3. According to fresh information coming from MacRumors publication, it seems that Apple is hard at working on the release behind the curtains, and we might soon witness the official release.

    It seems that the reason for the delay is that there are still bugs that Apple is working on fixing before it provides the 8.1.3 update to the public. MacRumors thinks the update will be released to the public in the next week or two, so in case you are currently experiencing bugs with the iOS 8.1.2 version, then this upcoming version could squash them.

    While this iOS update doesn't bring any significant changes, it's first time when Apple has invited retail workers to participate in the testing of an iOS beta. Apple has allowed retail employees to participate in the beta testing of OS X for years and now they get to play around with iOS, as well.

    Source: MacRumors

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