Apple CEO Tim Cook Reveals the Company’s New Privacy Measures

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    These days, more and more Internet users are getting concerned with their privacy and how their intimacy is being protected. Apple is also well aware of that and that's why it has recently changed its privacy measures, announcing new changes that will please consumers.

    Tim Cook has revealed that neither Apple nor the government can see any of your personal information if you have a passcode enabled on devices running the new OS. Here's what Apple's boss said:

    “Our business model is very straightforward: We sell great products. We don’t build a profile based on your e-mail content or web browsing habits to sell to advertisers. We don’t ‘monetize’ the information you store on your iPhone or in iCloud. And we don’t read your e-mail or your messages to get information to market to you. Our software and services are designed to make our devices better. Plain and simple.”

    Apple's new privacy page details how it protects your data from prying eyes, so if you’re using a device running iOS 8 and have a passcode activated, Apple and the government can’t see any of the data behind the passcode. Even if the police would require Apple to do that, the company just won't be able to do it. Cook also added the following:

    “We have never worked with any government agency from any country to create a backdoor in any of our products or services. We have also never allowed access to our servers. And we never will.”

    He also mentioned how much Apple is committed to protecting users' privacy:

    "Our commitment to protecting your privacy comes from a deep respect for our customers. We know that your trust doesn’t come easy. That’s why we have and always will work as hard as we can to earn and keep it."

    You can follow the link from below to read the whole open letter on Apple's website.

    Source: Apple
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Sep 18, 2014.

    1. Ser Aphim
      Ser Aphim
      Wait, so Apple CAN access devices with a passcode?
    2. twerppoet
      Where in that letter did you
      Where in the post did you see that? All I see is a lot of don't and can't.
    3. Ser Aphim
      Ser Aphim
      Sorry typo. I meant devices without passcodes.
    4. twerppoet
      Ah. What he's saying is that they can't pick up your device and see, by some Apple magic, what you have on the device. Another words, they don't have a means bypassing your passcode.

      If you don't have a passcode, then anyone can pick up your device and see what is on it.

      What they store, don't store, and/or encrypt on their servers will be the same, passcode or not.
    5. s2mikey
      At least Apple seems to try and do the right thing regarding user data. Unlike facebook and some of those other sites who get very rich off of selling your data. Bleh.

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