Apple CEO Tim Cook is Scheduled to Speak at the White House Cybersecurity Summit

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    The Hill reports that Apple's CEO Tim Cook will reportedly be among those speaking to participants at Friday's White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection.

    The White House is expected to unveil a new cybersecurity "executive action" at the summit, as President Obama is said to outline ways in which U.S. technology companies can cooperate better with government agencies when it comes to cybersecurity.

    Corry Bennett from The Hill says the following:

    "Cook’s remarks will come amid a debate between tech companies and law enforcement officials over encryption. Apple has feuded directly with Department of Justice officials in recent months over the tech giant’s encryption measures.

    The company claims its newest operating system locks everyone out from accessing data stored on its devices, including law enforcement officials and Apple itself."

    Among others, Cook could speak about Apple Pay, the company's NFC-based mobile payment system, which is designed with a number of security and privacy safeguards in mind, such as network-level tokenization and biometric authentication via Touch ID.

    The White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection will be held on Friday, Feb. 13 at the Stanford University.

    Source: TheHill

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