Apple Cancels Popular 12 Days of Christmas Promotion

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    Macworld writes that Apple will not be running its popular 12 Days of Christmas/12 Days of Gifts iTunes promotion this year.

    The promotion has been running since 2008 in the UK, and in the US as well from 2013, when it was renamed 12 Days of Gifts. The promotion usually comes with its own app, that informs the user each day what their new gift will be.

    In the past, gifts have included free music, book, movie, and app downloads. Sometimes they were a bit rubbish, or something that you weren’t really interested in (but doubtless someone else was) and sometimes they were really good.

    Macworld writes that it was thought that Apple was planning to run the promotion this year the same as usual, but they have now heard that it has been cancelled.

    While there is no official reason for the cancellation, Macworld says that it could be the result of several different factors, including the fact that so many apps are now free in the App Store, or it could also have something to do with the controversy stirred up when it gifted a U2 album to all iTunes users. Or maybe the call to not run the promotion came from new retail head of Apple, Angela Ahrendts. One thing’s for sure, Apple is currently keeping “mum” on the whole issue, as usual!

    Source: Macworld
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