Apple Announces its Plans for World AIDS Day Tomorrow

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    Apple Marks World AIDS day with  new RED items.JPG

    Apple has a great tradition of marking World AIDS Day, which takes place on December 1 every year, via its (RED) charity. This year is no exception, with Apple announcing today that a variety of special (RED) items would be available tomorrow.

    In particular, AppleInsider reports, Apple is launching various new (RED) accessories, including a special (RED) iPhone 7 Smart Battery case, an iPhone SE case, and several really smart looking Beats accessories, including new (RED) Solo3 Wireless headphones, and a (RED) Pill+ Bluetooth speaker.

    Also, from Thursday until December 6 Apple will be donating $1 to (RED) for every Apple Pay transaction at an Apple store, on, or via the Apple Store app, up to a limit of $1 million.

    In turn, Bank of America will make a donation for every Apple Pay payment made using its cards, with the same $1 million limit.

    In the App Store there will be 20 games with in-app (RED) purchases, including Candy Crush Jelly Saga and Angry Birds 2. On iTunes, you can donate directly to (RED), and iTunes will also be donating all proceeds from The Killers Don’t Waste Your Wishes album. A free (RED) documentary, The Lazarus Effect, will also be available to download.

    And finally, more than 400 Apple Stores will change their logos to red logos, or will display the (RED) decal in their windows.

    Source: Apple offers new Beats & iPhone accessories, special iTunes & App Store content for World AIDS Day

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