Apple and Nike Settle False FuelBand Claims Suit

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    AppleInsider reports that Nike and Apple have agreed to settle a class action suit that alleged that the two companies falsely advertised that the Nike+ FuelBand had health-tracking capabilities.

    According to the terms that were reached Nike will pay up to $2.4 million to customers who bought a FuelBand product between January 19, 2012, and June 17, 2015, to settle the suit, which was first issued against Nike and Apple in 2013.

    Despite being named as a co-defended with Nike, Apple will not have to pay anything.

    The plaintiffs argued that Nike’s FuelBand did not live up to advertised claims that it could accurately track calorie burn, steps taken, and general activity. The suit also argued that both Apple and Nike knew that the claims were false, but continued to sell the FuelBand anyway, as well as promoting it in stores, on TV, and online. In fact, Apple only stopped selling the FuelBand in its stores this March.

    Potential class members have been informed via email how they can go about filing settlement claims for either a $25 Nike gift card redeemable at Nike retail and online stores, or a $15 payment.

    Source: Nike Apple agree to 2.4M settlement in suit over false FuelBand claims Apple to pay nothing

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