Apple and IBM Launch Three New Enterprise Apps

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 3, 2015.

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    IBM and Apple unveil three new enterprise apps.JPG
    Apple and IBM have unveiled three more of their MobileFirst enterprise apps for iOS that are the fruits of their current collaboration, which has already yielded 11 previous apps altogether in December of last year and January of 2015. According to AppleInsider, the new apps are designed for a variety of different circumstances and uses.

    The first app, Adviser Alerts, provides push notifications for business details such as account maturity, market news, and transaction approvals, for the purposes of enabling the advisor to respond to issues as soon as they occur.

    The second app, Passenger Care, is iPad-only, and is designed for customer service agents to enable them to check in passengers that are waiting in line, and also help them to ascertain which lines are the longest. If there should be a delay or cancellation, the app will help the agent to provide vouchers, alternative flights, temporary accommodation, or lounge access for the customer.

    The third and final app is also iPad-only. Entitled Dynamic Buy, it has a dashboard interface that shows performance metrics, such as top, bottom, year-over-year and performance-against-plan figures. The idea of the app is to help retailers to figure out how much they should adjust their inventory.

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    These all sound interesting and potentially useful. Cool to see Apple getting more into this stuff. I like how some of them are ipad only. :)

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