Apple adjusts iPad orders for 2013: will ship less than initially estimated

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    This week, we reported that according to a new study, iPad sales in January seem to have dropped in big numbers. Now, according to the DigiTimes publication, Apple has apparently predicted it will sell more than 100 million tablets by the end of the year. Cut up individually, the company believed it will manage to ship up to 60 million fully fledged iPads and 40 million iPad Minis.

    But what are the real chances of Apple achieving just that? Keep in mind that it took Cupertino two years to sell 1​​00 million units, but seeing how well the iPad mini has been received by the masses, Apple could manage could do it in a shorter time.

    Now, however, DigiTimes reports that the tech giant has been reassessing its prediction for the year to come. First off, Apple now expects to see more shipments coming from the iPad Mini and is somehow retracting the statement it made about the full sized iPad.

    Back in the day, when the idea of a mini tablet first sprouted, Steve Jobs was one of its original opponents. However, the reluctance of the late Cupertino boss proved to be fruitful, as Apple developed into a multi-billion company. The full-fledged iPad has done well for itself until now, rising above competition provided by top notch tech companies like Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, Google, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

    Even if Apple managed to sell 50 million it still would be pretty impressive. The new forecast has been set up to 88 million and if reached, it would set a new record for the company.

    Source: Forbes


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