Apple Adds Many More Public Transport Options to Maps App in the UK

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    AppleInsider reports that Apple has just updated Apple Maps in the UK with the addition of public transport for many areas in the UK, including major metropolitan areas such as Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds-Bradford, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, and Sheffield. Also added is public transport data for smaller areas in between the larger metropolitan areas, which means that public transport information for much of the UK is now included in Apple Maps.

    This data includes information from the National Rail network in the UK, as well as other related services that enable travel on public transport from one metropolitan area to another.

    Aside from the UK update, transit information for Salt Lake City has also just been added, making it a total of 28 US metropolitan area mass transit systems that are now supported by Apple Maps.

    Apple is going at a much slower pace than Google in terms of its transit updates for the Maps app, possibly hoping to avoid Google’s mistake of rushing out its transit direction updates when not all data was complete, leading to much confusion for commuters who were using the directions.

    Source: Apple radically expands UK transit info in Maps, adds Salt Lake City in US

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