Apple Adds ‘Sharing Selfie’ Section to iTunes App Store

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    Apple has added a fresh new section to its App Store, dedicated to apps that make it easy to share “selfiesâ€. For those who aren’t aware yet with this term, it describes self-portraits taken with smartphones, cameras and other devices (let’s hope that tablets are excluded). Selfies are associated with social networking, and services like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have contributed to the rise of the “selfie†phenomenon. Even more, Oxford Dictionaries legitimized the selfie by declaring it the Word of the Year for 2013.

    Now Apple’s gone and created a whole new “Sharing Selfies†section in the App Store. The selfie’s domination is complete. Apple likes to stay trendy and that’s probably why the Cupertino giant has recently added the new “Sharing Selfies†category for those who feel the urge to take photos of themselves and share them.

    The section’s selection of “selfie†apps is available on both the mobile and desktop versions of the Apple App Store for iOS devices. Some of the featured apps from the new section include the following titles: Picr, Frontback, Everyday, Snapchat, Samba, Selfie Cam, 1 Second Everyday and others. The new category joins other App Store lists like “Best New Apps†and “Spectacular Stories: Games.â€

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    That could be handy.

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