Apple Adds 12 New U.S. banks to its Official List of Issuers with Cards Supporting Apple Pay

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    Apple has updated its official page with Apple Pay participating issuers adding another 12 U.S. banks, thus putting the total over 300 for the first time. Slowly, Apple Pay is becoming popular with regional banks as well as national ones, but this is great news for iPhone and iPad owners who are customers of these smaller institutions.

    Here's the list with latest Apple Pay partners:
    • Banner Bank
    • BayPort Credit Union
    • California Coast Credit Union
    • Centier Bank
    • Community First Credit Union
    • Glenview State Bank
    • HAPO Community Credit Union
    • Prestige Community Credit Union
    • Provident Credit Union
    • Staley Credit Union
    • Synovus Bank
    • Wood & Huston Bank
    Apple Pay is still only available in the U.S., but Apple is expected to expand the service to the U.K., Canada, and China in the near future. We'll probably get more news regarding Apple Pay during next week when Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference will take place.

    Apple is rumored to announce a new rewards program which will will offer various privileges for people who use Apple Pay on a regular basis. The Cupertino-based company needs to do this in order to speed up the adoption of the new service but also to prevent its current user base from using similar services from rivals.

    Source: Apple

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