Apple Acquires Coherent Navigation Company as it Looks to Bolster its Mapping Capabilities

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    As it looks to overhaul for its Maps service, Apple has snapped up Coherent Navigation, a company which is specialzie din high-accuracy GPS devices and software. However, at the moment, neither of the companies shared financial details of the acquisition, even if Apple confirmed the buy-out.

    Coherent Navigation is known for its High Integrity GPS technology, which is said to be accurate within a few centimeters. The majority of consumer-grade global positioning systems offer three to five meters, so if Apple manages to deploy this into into its mapping application, then it will be able to come up with a consistent upgrade.

    Another interesting details is that Paul Lego, former Coherent CEO, had joined the Apple Maps team earlier this year. Apple also brought in co-founders William Bencze and Brett Ledvina, so it seems that the most important persons from the company are now working with Apple.

    Coherent Navigation has also worked with satellite network operators like Boeing and Iridium and has a level of expertise on autonomous navigation and robotics projects.

    As we're approaching Apple's yearly developer conference WWDC, it's expected that major features for the forthcoming versions of OS X and iOS are to be announced. And, who knows, maybe the mapping application is going to be among the new features, as well.

    Source: NYT

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