Apple Accidentally Leaks Details of iOS 5 Automatic Download Feature

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    MacRumors reports that Apple appears to have accidentally leaked details of one of iOS 5’s new features via iTunes. An eagle-eyed MacRumors reader noticed that when asking iTunes to check their app collection for available updates, the message on the iTunes update page had an extra sentence added at the end, which said:

    This, then, is clearly referring to a new feature, as no such thing as Automatic Downloads exists at present. Currently you have to either use Sync or manually update the apps via the App Store app. MacRumors adds that this could also mean automatic downloading will be available for other features as well as apps, such as AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule.

    MacRumors says that it verified the existence of the message immediately when alerted to it, but that Apple has since realised its mistake and deactivated the iTunes update page.

    Source: iTunes Leaks 'Automatic Download' Over-the-Air Updates in iOS 5 [Updated] - Mac Rumors

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