Apple – dumping Samsung as a Battery provider

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    Apple and Samsung have been fierce competitors for a long time, but this didn’t stop the Korean company supplying batteries to the Cupertino tech giant. Well new rumors recently surfaced suggest that this might not be the case anymore as Apple is changing battery providers for its iPads and MacBooks, to start with.

    Instead of Samsung, Apple has opted to do its business in China, with the help of companies like Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery. It looks more and more that Cupertino is trying to distance itself as much as possible from its rival, against whom, it already won a massive settlement sum for patent infringement.

    Apple has decided to replace Samsung in the screen department as well. For the assembly of its latest gadget, the iPad mini, Cupertino opted to have its screens produced by LG instead of Samsung.

    Oddly enough, CEO Tim Cook has recently stated at the quarterly conference call that Samsung will remain an integral part of Apple’s development process, at least for the time being. Nevertheless the actions taken by Apple seem to be indicating otherwise. Frankly speaking it makes sense that the two giants distance each other as the competition between their products heats up.

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    if only they did this long long time ago there wont be galaxy whatever in the market or at least wont be as good i wonder why they outsourced in the first place :eek:
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    As long as the quality stays or gets better then so be it. If there is one are that my iPad 2 still amazes me it's how long the battery lasts! How'd they do that? :)

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