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    Want To Sell More Apps?

    Discover how you can market apps a smarter way to increase app sales, get noticed, and stay within a budget

    Smarter App Marketing is a marketing course made for new app developers that don’t know marketing. It is delivered as a series of 4 live Webinars, where you will get the information you need to increase your app sales and get noticed. In fact, I am going to show you how I marketed an app taking a totally different approach and increasing its sales. These Webinars will be recorded so you will have lifetime access to not only the Webinar but all the course material that goes with it.

    Here’s how the course works:
    • Each week for 4 weeks beginning January 20th there will be a live Webinar you can join that will cover a new marketing topic (see below)
    • The Webinars will be recorded so you can access them anytime you wish
    • PDFs will be available of the material as well
    • In addition to the live and recorded Webinars there will be bonus material that covers valuable tips and tricks, and case studies of successful app marketing that worked very well
    The Webinars will walk you though the material presented step-by-step almost like a sequence of perfect code! At the end of the Webinar you can ask questions or sign off and they will be there for you later if you want to review the material. And all of the material we go over will be available to you as well in PDF format.
    There is also some bonus material, which is just as valuable as the course itself, which will be available for you as well in downloadable PDF’s that you can use and read whenever you want.

    So for the entire course you get:
    • All of the marketing knowledge to sell more apps (and save money) via 4 live webinars
    • Open forum to ask questions during and after the Webinars
    • All the materials presented during the Webinar
    • Case Studies that worked very well for app developers
    • Tips and Tricks for Advertising, Press, and Marketing
    • Lifetime access to the site
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    How it does?

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