App For Learning How To Write In Japanese (kana/kanji)

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    Jun 12, 2012
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    I have been searching for an app that will allow me to learn how to write Japanese by actually using your finger to write it on the iPad (much like the app shown on one of the old iPad adverts but for Japanese).

    I have found a few apps like this, but none of the ones that look any good are free so I wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations before I make a purchase.

    The app does not have to include both kana and kanji learning but as long as it has kana learning and is compatible with the new iPad (3rd-gen), it will be what I am looking for! If you have tried good apps that have both kana and kanji, that would be a bonus.

    If you know of any apps like this, please post a reply with the name of the app (a link would be great too), how much it is and what you thought of it.


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