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    Dear IPad users,

    I am a Sanskrit student and have recently bought an IPad for studying while travelling. There is a great digitised edition of the standard Monier Williams Sanskrit to English dictionary here on this website MW Advanced Search. Please have a look. If you then click on 'home', it takes you to the home page 'Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries' where there is some information about the dictionaries and also the files available for download, which I assume are for offline consultation.

    I would like to make the request for an application of this digital Sanskrit Dictionary for the IPad, if possible. There would be many customers interested in purchasing such an app. To Have such a good search engine for sanskrit words on the iPad would be really wonderful. I sincerely hope this can be accomplished by some of you who are experts in this field. Myself, I am pretty ignorant on the subject, and if it wasn't for my busy schedule I would look into it, but unfortunately it's not possible.

    I don't know how it works in terms of copy right and other legal stuff, but they have the files available for download...*

    It would be wonderful to receive a positive reply.

    Kind Regards,
    Luis Medinas

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