Any apps exist like this? advice needed!

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Jeffacake, Feb 19, 2014.

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    I recently bought an Ipad air for work in order to track staff sales performance and attachment rating. What I need to track is rather simple but I cant find an app that fits what I need it to do, I was wondering if anyone knows of an app that exists to fill my purpose or if I need to pay a developer to get one made, if so does anyone on here offer that kind of service?

    I basically need a Grid style app where each tile on the grid has a staff members name, after clicking on a staff member I would like another grid to come up each tile for a certain product. Then after selecting a product another grid would come up showing the suitable attachments the staff member should have sold with the product. The staff member can then select each attachment they sold with the product and save the sale. The app could then product a weekly report of each staff members attachment % that I could export as a PDF. For example a staff member sells a printer with ink and paper, they go to the Ipad and then tap their name, then printer and then tick paper and ink, this is a possible 2 out of 4 attachments so 50% attachment, the app would record this for each staff member through the week giving individual and group results. I hope this makes sense.

    I look forward to reading what you guys have to say.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I don't know of anything that will do things the way you want, but, if you change the order/focus of the data collection slightly you could do it in a spread sheet.

    Instead of starting with the sales person, start with the product. Then you can select who sold it and the attachments sold on the same sheet.

    Create a different table for each product. Include the sales staff as a pull down/choice option in one column. Include the attachments as checkbox items in other columns.

    Once the data is collected you can easily (well, feasibly anyway) create different summary tables that will organize the information any way you like.

    If you used Numbers, you could create a different tab for each product, and a couple of tabs for the summaries. Once the first product table is created you can duplicate it and make changes to the other products (to save work).

    The person recording the data would scroll the tabs and choose the product, select the salesperson in a new row, then check each applicable attachment. Other columns could include date/time and location, or anything else you decide is worth tracking.

    Possible summary pages could show tables for things like number of sales by person, numbers of attachments by product, or anything else you want.

    Not as nice as a special built app, but doable. And the resulting data will be portable to almost any other spreadsheet app.

    Good luck.

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