Animal Alliterati - An Alphabet Adventure

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    Hello. I would like to introduce a new eBook titled "Animal Alliterati - An Alphabet Adventure" written and illustrated by Travis Tom. It is an abc book illustrated with animals from A - Z. It is written in alliteration and is a fun and quirky tongue-twisting read. For example: An alligator, ant and astronaut ate apples and asparagus alone at an art agency. Imagine clucking chickens, magical monkeys, two twin turtles and zealous zippy zebras. See how the adventure unfolds.

    The eBook just became available on the iBookstore yesterday, which is very exciting! There is a PDF coloring book also available. To preview some of the book you can google Hi-ArtPress (not able to provide a link yet or add dot com) where you will also find the coloring book link. It took nearly 6 months to write and illustrate and another year to figure out how to release this work of art after submitting it to some publishers. I decided upon self-publishing the eBook which has been an adventure in itself - the trial and error of producing an ePUB took almost 2 months.

    Looks great on the iPad2 as a picture flip book and very good on the iPod Touch too. I imagine it would look the same on the iPhone (don't have one yet) as the iPod Touch. Read it to your kids, grand kids, siblings, cousins and friends. Or for yourself. If you happen to give a new author a chance, I would love to hear your comments and reactions to the book here on the forum or you can write a review on your book experience.

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