Angry Birds Seasons HD Valentine’s Day Edition Out Now

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    The much-anticipated new Angry Birds Seasons HD Valentine’s Day edition is up in the App Store now! Basically, this is a free update to the standalone Angry Birds Seasons HD app, continuing the tradition started by the previous Halloween and Christmas Seasons editions. (There’s also an iPhone version, of course.) This time around, the birds and pigs are celebrating Valentine’s Day, with the addition of 15 brand new pink-tinged levels, new achievements, three Golden Eggs, and lots of hilarious new graphics, with the pigs and birds sporting pink ribbons on their heads, and their world decorated with an abundance of all things Valentine’s Day related, including heart-shaped pig pens, cupid’s arrows, boxes of chocolates and lots and lots of pink love hearts scattered all over the place.

    And that’s not all! Mashable reports that the Valentine’s Day update also has some new Facebook and Bing-enhanced features, with the option to send Angry Birds Valentine’s Day cards from your Facebook account and a link to an in-built Bing walkthrough to help you find the Golden Eggs.

    If you already have Seasons HD, the updates are free; if you don’t already have the game, click here to download it for £1.19/$1.99: Angry Birds Seasons HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Source: iTunes, MacStories, Mashable: Angry Birds Gets Facebook-Infused Valentine's Day Edition
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    The levels are really fun - :)

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