Analytics Point to Possible iPad Refresh

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    MacRumors reports today that it has heard from a developer who tells them that he has noticed that an unfamiliar iPad reference number suddenly appeared in his app analytics. The device is called “iPad3,6â€, and MacRumors says that the mystery iPad’s processor targets the ARMv7s architecture supporting the A6 system-on-a-chip in the iPhone 5. This leads MacRumors to deduce that the iPad in question is running some sort of A6 chip. MacRumors is also not sure what version of the iPad this could be, although they surmise that as it still has the number 3, it is most likely some sort of refresh of the newest, full-size iPad (as has been rumoured to be on the way). They counter this by saying that even if Apple wanted to release an updated version of the current iPad, with a Lightning dock connector, it seems a bit unlikely that the processor would be upgraded to an A6 chip. It’s also not thought to be the iPad Mini (which is thought to have the code name“iPad2,5â€) that has been appearing in developer logs recently.

    Source: New iPad Shows Up in App Analytics Running A6-Based Chip - Mac Rumors

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