Analyst Talks iPad Mini Retina and iPhone 5 Refresh in 2013

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    AppleInsider reports today that key analyst Gene Munster, from Piper Jaffray, has issued a note to investors in which he outlines his thoughts about how 2013 will shape up for Apple, and in particular he thinks that next year will see three key product launches for the company. First up, he thinks that Apple will launch an iPad mini with Retina display in early 2013, in order to correct what many see as the only “significant complaint†about the smaller tablet. Secondly, Munster says that we can expect Apple to launch a new iPhone in September, which he refers to as an iPhone 5S, a name that has also been mentioned in other recent reports. Munster says that this will only be a “modest upgrade,†with a faster processor, more RAM and an improved camera.

    Finally, Munster says that Apple will finally release a television set, just in time for the 2013 holiday season.

    Source: Apple television predicted to headline three core product launches in 2013

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