Analyst Says Apple Will No Longer Be Cool in 2012

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jan 3, 2012.

By Maura on Jan 3, 2012 at 2:50 PM
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    Within the past few days we've been reporting on lots of analysts and pundits who have been voicing their predictions for Apple's performance in 2012, and most of them have been glowing, to say the least, but Brian Deagon at Investor’s Business Daily appears to be swimming against the generally positive tide of expert opinion with his pronouncement that Apple will be seen to stumble in 2012, mainly because, he says, the Samsung Galaxy is a “cooler†phone than the iPhone, which he says is “boxy, flat and feeling stale.†Deagon goes on to say that the supremacy of Apple’s iOS platform will be threatened by the continued growth of Google’s Android OS platform in 2012. “Smartphones and tablets will become commodity items and Apple will be eaten by the collective Android gang,†he predicts. Deagon concludes his bleak prediction for Apple by saying that the TV market is the “next big hope†for Apple, but he says that success in this field will not be easy to achieve, given Samsung’s current dominance of that market.

    Source: 2012 Tech Predictions: Apple, Google+, Twitter Will Flail; Amazon, IBM, Facebook Will Fly -, via Apple will stop being cool in 2012, IBD says


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jan 3, 2012.

    1. mwhartman
      Interesting observation. Glad we all have choices and the opportunity to select what devices work best and then purchase. I added a reminder for 2013 to see where this stands.
    2. SweetPoison
      Good idea!
    3. roadwarrior69
      By the way, I'm keeping my Xmas gift from my wife, iPad 32g. Although worried about a blemish under the cover glass....I post this gripe on new thread...

      My two cents on this coming from an android tab and still using a Samsung galaxy, I think apple needs to step it up. Siri is not what is going to complete w android on a tablet. There are far too many 'better features' on android, and ice cream sandwich is just going to Improve on it. If it wasn't for lag performance on the android tablet, I'd still be using it. What sold me on iPad is the speed.

      However, I'm still a business google user and really miss latitude and the google docs applications. I don't agree apple store has more apps, I seem to find more in the goole marketplace these days.

      Apple needs to capture the folks that are buying a second tab and the new customers... Don't forget the enterprise, yes business users will be key. So far they are winning and I don't suspect they will let go of this lead easily, it's going to be a battle and the winners will be the consumer!
    4. AdmiralAdama
      Not sure if I agree with the notion that Apple has to cater more to the business crowd. Research in Motion made that very mistake in reverse when it went after the mass market at the expense of its corporate clients. It's very likely RIM will have to shed its hardware division because of that and other missteps.

    5. Kaykaykay
      I don't give a rat's butt about coolness.

      For gadgets, I'd prefer NOT cool. Then maybe the stuff would be less likely to be stolen.
    6. dlo
      How could you not agree that the Apple store has more apps!? I actually laughed. Thanks for the good chuckle.

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    7. Kaykaykay
      I think roadwarrior probably was referring to business apps. I don't know about that, but IPad apparently has made good inroads into business uses. A lot of businesses, schools, hospitals and such are having apps developed specifically for them, rather than expecting them to pop up in the app store.
    8. dlo
      Of course. Not saying that Ice Cream is not a step in the right direction for the Android world and users, but to say the only reason why you are still using the iPad based on speed alone is rather naive.

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    9. Kaykaykay
      When people refer to speed, I'm guessing that they don't mean just speed. I think they mean competitors tend to not run as smoothly as iPad. They're just more kludgy.
    10. tlbaker
      Well, I will always think my pad is cool. I will be using it for quite some time. I don't like those android devices. Only one I might consider buying is that Droid Razr. But I am also very happy with my iPhone 4 and I am not able to upgrade right now anyway.

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