Amplitude Studios to Bring Popular 'Dungeon of the Endless' Game to the iPad this Summer

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    Independent developer Amplitude Studios has announced it will bring its popular dungeon defense game, Dungeon of the Endless, to iPad users later this year. Described as a hybrid of roguelike and tower defense games, Dungeon of the Endless has been previously released on PC only, but now it's coming to Apple's tablet, as well.

    Romain de Waubert de Genlis, creative director at Amplitude Studios, said the following:

    "Our goal in bringing Dungeon of the Endless to iPad is to provide an amazing gameplay experience for fans on the go, and to open up what was once only a PC game to a broader group of gamers hungry for a new style of game on iPad. Our turn-based gameplay style lends itself perfectly to the simple touch-screen style of the iPad. It’s a great marriage of game design and hardware design."

    In the game, players are stranded on the planet Auriga, which has been once home to a race called the Endless. Gamers are trapped inside an Endless facility, where their mission consists in creating a team of heroes to explore their environments to gather resources and look for a way out. You have the option to customize them with new abilities and gear as you progress throughout the game, as well. Here are some of the main features of the upcoming game:
    • Smooth iPad touch controls to fight your way out with the tip of your fingers
    • The iPad version includes the “Deep-Freeze” and “Bookworm” PC add-ons
    • A distinct rogue-like do-or-die play-style that encourages the player to look after all of his or her teammates
    • Countless battle scenarios against a brutal horde of hideous monsters
    • Randomly created dungeons for a new experience each time
    • Team creation, management, customization, and combat abilities
    • Technology and resource management abilities including the skillful handling of Dust, Food, Industry and Science to keep one’s team alive and prepared for battle
    • Module creation to stave off enemy monsters
    • Many exploration paths on the planet of Auriga featuring Endless ruins that provide life-saving technologies
    • Multiple difficulty levels for average and hardcore game players
    Source: TouchArcade

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