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    Hey guys! Check out new iPhone/iPad game - AmpliFly!

    You can download game here!


    Dive into AmpliFly world! It's arcade game with unusual mechanics and wonderful graphics. Go through various thoroughly drawn and detailed levels. Become a witness of different historical and legendary events. You'll complete different tasks and achievements, explore space to get both types of resources and upgrade your hero. Upgrade your characteristics and appearance. Fly further and further to set a record. Safe the world from destruction by angry robots use different skills and bonuses to achieve your aim!

    Game features:
    * 16 Various dynamically generated levels with different difficulty
    * Detailed animated graphics and colorful shader effects
    * Upgradable main hero, huge variety of passive, active and permanent skills
    * Your hero appearance depends on upgrades
    * Combo bonuses for gathering resources in a row
    * Various game environment, 3 unique enemy types, lots of game elements which will help you or become a trouble
    * Dynamically generated tasks, complete them to get extra resources!
    * Intuitive interface and simple controls
    * Game Center support, lots of records and achievements with a reward system
    * Pleasant music
    * Localized to english, русский, українську, français, deutsch, español, 中文


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