Amazon’s Newest TV Ad Says its Kindle Fire HD Tablet is Twice as Durable as the iPad mini 3

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    Even if sales are still declining, the iPad is still widely considered to be the best tablet around. However, Amazon wants you to think otherwise, as it is releasing a new television commercial for its Kindle Fire HD tablet, allegedly saying that it is twice as durable as the iPad Mini 3. Have a look at the video below:

    Amazon says its Fire HD tablets undergo over 25 durability tests and are designed to withstand forces of 1,000 g’s. The online retailer says the following in the video: "when tested against iPad mini 3 in drop tests and tumble tests, Fire HD proved 2x more durable."

    The Kindle Fire HD starts at $99 for a six-inch edition and a version with a seven-inch display is an extra $40. However, while what Amazon is saying could be potentially true, this is just one feature of the device.

    But this is a good question to ask a buyer - what are you looking for when you want to buy a new tablet? Would you go for durability but will neglect performance and content? Leave your comment below and let's discuss on this matter.

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