Amazon Takes a Shot at the iPad's Screen Visibility in New TV Ad

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Sep 13, 2010.

By Maura on Sep 13, 2010 at 3:39 PM
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    [ame=]YouTube - New Kindle Pool Ad[/ame]​

    Amazon has come up with an advert that was just shown on Good Morning America today, according to CrunchGear, featuring a poor hapless iPad owner sitting next to a bikini-clad Kindle owner. The iPad owner can't read his screen because of the glare and all, but the Kindle owner, she's just so smug because she's able to read in direct sunlight, and, her Kindle only cost her $139. Take that, iPad user!

    It's a fun little ad, and they do have a slight point I suppose, but then the iPad user can solve the problem easily enough by slapping on an anti-glare screen protector, or using a folio case to shield the iPad from the sun, whereas the Kindle owner might have a harder time sending email, browsing the web, playing games and using software such as Pages on her Kindle! Maybe they should have had a third person there reading an actual book saying "this only cost me $10! I win!"

    Source: CrunchGear


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Sep 13, 2010.

    1. jaybrass73
      If you're thinking of buying a Kindle you'd be better off buying the books as you want to read them, better still, join a library. Why bother with a eReader thatvyou can only read on?!
    2. dabirk2
      Just Jealous
    3. RobertBasil
      I love my iPad, but for reading and storing hundreds of books for reading anytime anywhere, my Kindle blows away the iPad not only in book selection and price for the device (and the books), but in readability.

      The point I think Amazon is trying to make is if you are buying a device to read books on, then the Kindle is better than the iPad (which I agree with 100%).

      Not everyone needs an iPad.
    4. SweetPoison

      I do.:D
    5. iPadCharlie
      So she says, "I actually paid more for these sunglasses!" So is she saying that you need $139 sunglasses in order to read a Kindle outdoors???
    6. andsoitgoes
      I agree with everything.

      Other than the "Not everyone needs an iPad"

      That needs to be changed to:

      "Everyone needs an iPad and sometimes people ALSO need a Kindle for outside"

      My geek bag has enough slots for the iPad, wireless keyboard AND a kindle.

      SO basically I'm a walking advertisment to get mugged...

      Still. I cant sit outside and easily use my iPad, even with an anti-glare screen protector.
    7. IGonz
      All you have to do go to the shaded area where those people in the back are. You can read longer without turning into a lobster.

      Atleast that is what I did in the Cooks with my iPad. Well I did check my email,listened to the radio with the WunderRadio app,change my flight listing,and watched TV on my Slingplayer app.
      Under the palm trees.
    8. Mickey330
      I think this is a cute little ad. Fits in nicely with the iPad vs. Kindle "fight." Very clever marketing...

      Of course, I can say that because I already have an e-ink screened device AND an iPad and use them for the different environments I find myself in.

      Of course, I would also move back into the shade (hey, "they" say too much sun is bad for you anyway).

      But, for a he said/she said type argument ... very cute ad.

    9. pallentx
      Its hits the two things the kindle has on the iPad - price and the screen type. (They could have also thrown in battery life, but its hard to say the iPad is "bad" in that regard).

      The kindle is great if you just want to read stuff. If you want more of an all-around device and have the money to spend, the iPad is great. Different people, different needs.

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