Amazon Launches A Smaller, Lighter and Faster new Kindle

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jul 29, 2010.

By Maura on Jul 29, 2010 at 11:10 AM
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    Amazon has today announced new versions of its Kindle e-Reader, including a Wi-Fi-only model which is priced at a highly competitive $139.00. The new Kindle can be pre-ordered in advance of its August 27th launch date, when it will be available to purchase in 140 countries and 30 territories.

    Commentators can't seem to make up their minds as to what this new Kindle means exactly for the iPad. Is Amazon hoping it will hold off the iPad threat a little longer with the cheaper, lighter device, or is it repositioning the Kindle as a reader that can be used alongside the iPad? comes up with a reasonable argument for its theory that Amazon is hoping to get iPad owners to buy the new Kindle, simply because, as it uses e-ink technology rather than the iPad's backlit screen, it's much, much easier to use in direct sunlight than the iPad. SeekingAlpha says that iPad owners may well be tempted by such a device, especially if they're already familiar with, and a fan of, Amazon's Kindle iPad app.

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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jul 29, 2010.

    1. Pluto5680
      Like iPad better for books than Kindle

      I have both an old Kindle and iPad. Kindle is good for quick downloading, and reading in bright light. But, books with photos or graphics, are very slow to turn the page. The ipad, is great to read in bed with no lights, or a dim room, handles graphics and photographs beautifully, and turning the page is fast. Holding the Kindle is also a problem, too easy to hit a button. Although lighter than the iPad, I now read all of my books on the iPad. You can easily pick the background, brightness, etc. All books still purchased on my Kindle account.
    2. Al Rogers
      Al Rogers
      I should have waited. My wife and I have a ipad each,she has been using the kindle which is a year old,she talked me into buying a kindle three weeks ago and I must admit I like it better than my Ipad,but who knows,time will tell.

    3. iPadCharlie
      Gee Al, you bought 2 iPads AND a Kindle in the last few weeks... If you are adopting, I'm available!
    4. pallentx
      I dont know that Amazon sees the iPad as competition. Sure, they would like to sell you the hardware reader, but the reader is just a way to get you to buy books, and they can sell you books on your iPad too. The kindle is not really anything like an iPad. Its a dedicated reader only - it will appeal to different people.
    5. naberhaus
      Kindle vs. iPad

      The new Kindle does look intriguing for an ebook reader....except....

      I own an original Kindle, two Kindle 2's, and an iPad. My wife used the original Kindle and really liked it. It had a screen issue and had to be replaced under warranty. When it came out, I got my wife a Kindle 2 and she liked it. I liked it enough to get me one. Her Kindle 2 had screen issues and had to be replaced under warranty. I bought an iPad not too long ago, just before the AT&T 3G unlimited plan went away. I switched all my reading to my iPad. Her replacement Kindle 2 just developed screen problems earlier this month and Amazon wanted $89+ for repair. I told them no way! This is the 3rd time I have had a problem and tell Amazon that they have product issues! I switched everything over to my Kindle 2, which I abandoned when I received my iPad. Guess what? That Kindle 2 is having screen issues, it is almost completely unreadable. I called and they said it is out of warranty...I told them I would not buy their garbage again! That is 4 physical Kindles and 4 problems! Very poor hardware!!

      I just ordered my wife a Sony Daily Reader to use until a "mini"-iPad comes our or some other multi-function device smaller and lighter than the current iPad.

      I am currently taking all of my Kindle ebooks and converting them into a usable form for the Sony for my wife. I am using some of them on my iPad with the Kindle app, but may use them in a different form on the iPad.
    6. Dan Diego
      Dan Diego
      Kindle's new television advertisement is filmed on a beach and points out how easy it is to read in sunlight.
    7. Al Rogers
      Al Rogers
      No,No,No,The first Kindle was bought a year ago, but two iPads since 27 June plus a Kindle,I forgot the Ipod I bought the BH for Mothers day,and I think thats where I F/goofed up,she had never played a game or used a computer before and now its never out of her hands,what with Bowling and Angry Birds. Sorry no adoption,I'm paying for Obama and his family.:mad:
    8. Prasius
      I almost bought a Sony Reader a while ago, but backed off as I wasn't really sure how much I'd use it. I bought the iPad as it fills most of my information needs.

      I really see the e-readers, and tablet devices as being for very different things, and for very different users. (Generally speaking). I think there is an adequate market for both, without people needing to worry about competing for sales.
    9. MrYummy
      I think Amazon has focused more on selling ebooks. I suspect that profits off of ebook sales dwarf the profits off of Kindle sales. An affordable Kindle means more people in the ebook market and more ebooks sold.

      I don't think Amazon's Kindle strategy has anything to do with the iPad. Not everyone looking into the ebook market wants or needs a tablet computer to use as a reader. I think most want a simple, easy to use, and reasonably priced way to read ebooks. This is exactly that the new Kindle is.

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