Amazon Cuts Kindle Price from $259 to $189 as the eReader Wars Hot Up

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jun 21, 2010.

By Maura on Jun 21, 2010 at 4:26 PM
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    Hot on the heels of recent reports that the iPad is fast catching up with Amazon’s Kindle eReader, and on the very day that Apple’s iBooks becomes available on the iPhone and iPod touch via iOS 4 which is launched today, Amazon has issued a press release announcing that it has cut the price of Kindle from $259 to $189.

    The press release cleverly gives the nod to a couple of points that have come up in this very forum and elsewhere when comparing the iPad and Kindle, stating that Kindle is easy to read “even in bright sunlightâ€, and “light enough for one-handed reading.†Amazon then goes on to point out that Kindle doesn’t have monthly fees or contracts.

    The price reduction is also doubtless a response to Barnes & Noble’s cutting of its Nook eReader’s price today to $149 for the Wi-Fi version and $199 for the 3G version.

    Source: Amazon, Barnes & Noble


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jun 21, 2010.

    1. GiPad
      "Hot up"? ;)

      Still not interested...but great news for hard core readers that dont need or want an iPad
    2. Al Rogers
      Al Rogers
      I have owned one for over a year and they are a great tool for reading.

    3. taudelt
      I own both a Kindle and an iPad. I find that both are indispensable tools. The Kindle is very lightweight, provides offline access to my reading materials, and the newspaper and magazine subscriptions are much easier to deal with than on the iPad. Plus they are right about the lack of glare. I can read at the beach or in direct sunlight without problems. The iPad is so glossy I can hardly see it outdoors.

      Two thumbs up for both devices.
    4. arshield
      I agree. I love both my kindle and my ipad, but very different devices. As a reading I much prefer the kindle (except at night when I prefer the ipad.)

      The $189 price I think will make a difference in the long term viability of the kindle.
    5. Rasputina
      I own both, I never read on my kindle anymore though.
    6. Ripplinghurst
      That's excellent news. Maybe now I'll buy one...
    7. arshield
      The refurbished Kindle 2 (with same a new warranty) is down to $139 now.
    8. petermillard
      Do you have a link for that? On my Amazon page refurbs are still at $178.99:confused:

      I prefer reading on my iPad but Amazon have far and away the better choice of books where I live, and a cheap Kindle might be the answer for those odd times (holidays etc...) when I want to read outside in the sunshine - and keeping it all in the Amazon/Kindle 'ecosystem' would be neat.

      TIA, Pete
    9. Keyser Soze
      Keyser Soze
      Great price. I've owed two kindles over the past year (kindle 2, and a DX), but just couldn't justify keeping them once I got an ipad. Over the past year+ I haven't read either one of them in direct sunlight, and I've never used either one while at the beach. Decided to sell them both off to help offset the price of the pad.

      eInk technology is really good (and easy on the eyes to read), but I figured I could live with just using the pad for the next year or so while the next generation of readers rolls out.

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