Almost One Million iOS Devices Were Jailbroken During Memorial Day Weekend

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    BGR writes that the Chronic Dev Team has announced via Twitter that since the release of the Absinthe 2.0 untethered jailbreak solution for iOS 5.1.1 on Friday, more than 973,086 devices have been jailbroken as of this past Sunday evening, the day before the Memorial Day holiday in the US. Chronic Dev Team breaks the figures down even further, saying that 211,401 of them were the new iPad. Absinthe 2.0 is compatible with A4 chip devices such as the original iPad and the iPhone 4, as well as devices powered by the A5X chip, such as the iPhone 4S and the newest iPad. Unfortunately the jailbreak is not compatible with the new version of the iPad 2, which now has the 32-nanometer chipset. Previously BGR had reported that some users had complained of problems with the new jailbreak, however, and had advised users that they might want to wait until another build of the jailbreak is released, just to be on the safe side.

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