Almost 1 million i-devices using Absinthe jailbreak?

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Jan 25, 2012.

By iDan on Jan 25, 2012 at 8:11 PM
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    Maybe you might be thinking of going a little extreme and start jailbreaking because you heard some cool stuff about the procedure and the things you can do with the results. But you’re a little worried. You don’t to mess up your device of course. So of course you are wondering, how safe is it really to jailbreak? According to iPhone Dev Team safe enough for 491,325 people to do it. And we’re talking only about the iPhone 4.

    According to the report, the Absinthe jailbreak for iPhone and iPad has been downloaded in the last 3 days for a massive amount of times. Here are the numbers:

    491,325 new iPhone devices
    308,967 new iPad devices
    152,950 previously jaibroken (at 4.x) iPad devices
    953,232 total

    The numbers are very much real and they were determined by using Cydia, the Mecca of all jaibroken apps. Working with a list of available SHSH blobs the site can track queries made to the server. Even if there are tons of more iDevices scattered around in the world, the numbers still consolidates the notion according to which jailbreaking is on the rise and lots of people are willing to do it nowadays.

    iMore came with the idea to poll users to see whether or not they had any slight intentions of jailbreaking their precious devices using Absinthe of course. When questioned about the iPhone 4S 33,64% of the parties involved in the study replied that they would go ahead and do it, while in the iPad camp 40,23% users assured interviewers they are willing to jailbreak at any time. Would you do it?



Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Jan 25, 2012.

    1. tlbaker
      Wow, thats a lot of jailbreaking!!!

      Sent from my Verizon Black 64GB iPad 2 With IOS 5.01Update From NYC using iPF
    2. brotherlee
      I have jailbroken via absinthe v.0.3 and it works. But sometimes there is a white icon apperas on homescreen.
    3. madhatter61
      Would I jailbreak

      I think I know a lot about computers, using them, I understand business, product development, etc. on and on. But, I also realize that there is a lot I don't know. I trust the expertise that Apple, Inc. provides. I have been using their products since 1984 with the into of the Mac Classic.
      Sure there are those that are smart enough to get inside the security and lock down mechanism. I know a gentle, smartest dude I have ever met. I doubt there is a computer ever designed he can't get into. He is what I call an ethical hacker. It is folks like this guy, that really help the Apples, Microsofts, etc. to make better software controls. In all of my lifetime, I will never get to this level of capability.

      But, I love to learn, but better, I like stuff to work. I don't want to just spend all the rest of my life, trying to reverse engineer the software systems and how they interact with their hardware counterparts. I have an iPad2. Marvelous display. It is the center of our grandkids focus when they come to visit. They don't own one, but they sure know how to use them. It took them less than 15 minutes to make music with GarageBand, and they had never even used GarageBand before.

      That is just an example of really how great Apple software has become. I did desktop publishing using Photoshop, Illustrator and PageMaker. I see iBook Author as an equal to PageMaker (with a few little improvements that are necessary ... but they will take care of them ... so I don't have to think I am so smart that I can JB and then spend hours, days, and weeks going WOW, isn't that neat, only to find out, whoops, this doesn't work, Oh, now what have I done, and on and on it goes.

      I know there are those who want to do what they want, and they will, but to say they don't take what isn't theirs, they didn't buy it ... if other don't know it doesn't matter. Well, yes it does matter. This is the end of all my rhetoric for now.

      There are those who post everyday how much they hate Apple. They post Apple is closed and stops them, Apple is greedy. But, in reality Apple is very successful. Just look at last QTR financials. Most folks really like what Apple is doing, how they are doing it, etc. I'm for the latter group.:)
    4. stewnami
      I've read a lot about jb, since finding this app. I'm not going to jailbreak. Ever. I will accept the limitations of the product I purchased and hope apple steers towards more freedom in this device.
    5. bob007bob
      I am not the kind of person to accept false limit ions placed on a device that I paid for
    6. stewnami
    7. madmaclove
      I kind of hesitate for jailbreaking but I hear many cools staff. I think I can'T resist the temptation any more... :/
    8. tonyk66
      I don't want to jailbreak my devices as am sure this would invalidate warranty.

      Have recently converted to apple iPad 2 and iPhone 4s and boy am I glad I made the change! Am loving the experience. Beautiful devises and a pleasure to use! So why tamper with them and cause problems you won't be able to reverse!!!!!
    9. Yptcn
      +1 !

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