Algoriddim Releases djay for iPad to the App Store

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Dec 2, 2010.

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    If you’re a fan of algoriddim’s award-winning djay for Mac software, then you might like to check out the German company’s newest project – djay for iPad. The app takes advantage of the enhanced audio capabilities of iOS 4.2 and uses the iPad’s Multi Touch interface to bring users ever closer to the experience of mixing on real turntables.

    DJs have been interested in creating and mixing music on the iPad since it was released, and now with djay for iPad, algoriddim hopes to provide the audio capabilities and interface to make that a reality. The app directly links you to your iTunes music library, providing easy access to your favourite tracks.

    djay for iPad has a very low latency, making for an ultra-responsive and realistic scratching experience, and it also offers eye-popping wave forms that enable the user to mix their songs visually, as well as automatic detection of a song’s tempo and rhythm for easy synchronization and seamless, beat-matched transitions between songs.

    Here, courtesy of algoriddim, is a list of the apps other key features. Something tells me DJs are going to love this, and there are already 47 five-star reviews in the App Store and the app was only released today!:

    • Direct Access to a User's iTunes Music Library: Browse your entire music library and easily select, play, mix and scratch your favorite songs.
    • Automix Mode: One of djay's most popular features now incorporated for iPad. Automix blends an iTunes music playlist into a continuous mix with automatic transitions.
    • Live Recording: Capture your mix in pristine audio quality to share with the rest of the world.
    • Seamless AirPlay Audio Integration: Stream your mix wirelessly to Apple TV, AirPort Express station, or any AirPlay-supported speaker dock, AV receiver, and stereo system.
    • Visual Mixing with Waveforms: Mix music visually, using stunning overview and detail to seamlessly cue to specific points.
    • BPM Sync: djay's automatic beat and tempo detection allows users to easily match the playback speed of two songs for a perfect transition with the click of a button.
    • Pre-Cueing: Preview and prepare the next song with headphones (requires optional split output adapter).
    • Auto-Cut Scratching: Lets you scratch in sync with the song's beat and rhythm while djay operates the crossfader automatically.
    • Multi-Tasking: Run djay in Automix mode and listen to a continuous mix running in the background while you surf the web or play games.

    You can download djay for iPad from the App Store for $19.99 by clicking here: djay for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Source: algoriddim
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    It's still in beta, but I'm curious to see whether the upcoming iMixr dj app will give Djay a run for it's $$. The interface and features look incredibly similar to djay, with a similar turntable visualization, mixer/EQ, pitch control, and track cueing. But does it have the amazing automatic beat-matching technology that djay wowed everyone with? Looks like we'll be finding out very soon...


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