Air 2 VS 5s Microphones?

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by Gotmilk0112, Nov 8, 2015.

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    I'm currently using my iPhone 5s for voice recording, but I was wondering if perhaps the Air 2 had a better/higher quality microphone?

    On one hand, I'd assume the phone would have a higher quality mic because it's purposefully made to be a phone, but the Air 2 is newer than the 5s, so...yeah.

    Anyone know? Or do they have just about the same microphone?
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    I don't have either of those devices, but I figured I could offer some basic data points anyway. I put my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air side by side and recorded a bit from a Wikipedia article on Mary Had a Little Lamb. I figured it would be slightly more interesting than reading the poem itself.

    I used the Ferrite app with the default settings and no adjustments/editing after. The devices were sitting side by side and recording at the same time.This is about as fair as I can get with my setup.

    The iPhone is a model newer than yours, and the iPad a model older than what you want, but it should give you a rough idea. If one or both of them are better than what you are getting on your iPhone 5s, then you can figure the iPad Air 2 is boing to be a bit better. Hold in mind Apple hasn't done a lot with the microphones on their devices. Not enough that they feel like bragging about it anyway.

    I apologize in advance for the lousy reading. Obviously no one is going to hire me to be the voice of any audiobooks. :)

    Hm, the forum won't handle audio files, so here are some links from my Box account. I use it instead of DropBox when I want to leave stuff around indefinitely. I have a lot more space available on Box.

    iPad Air version:
    iPhone 6 Plus version:

    Note: Ferrite is free (with in app purchases). If you want to step up your recording game with some input/gain controls and some basic audio editing tools, this is a good choice. I've only used it a couple times (without any of the extra in-app purchased features) and like it. It's also getting some love from a podcast or two. If you are considering making comparisons, I suggest you get it and use the default settings. Differences in apps can make as much difference as the device.
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