Advertisers prefer to do business more on the iPad than the iPhone

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    The iPad is one of the most successful tech products ever released and more and more studies seem to indicate that its domination won’t go away soon. A new report coming from the one of the largest mobile ad exchanges, MoPub, illustrates that not only teenagers, businessmen or medical professionals like the iPad, but advertisers as well. As a matter of fact, they prefer it over popular items such as the iPhone and Android tablets.

    Mobile ad business has been flourishing in recent years and as a result, so has the profit coming from this direction, in 2012. Mobile ad prices rose over 50% in Q4 of 2012 and advertisers spent the most money on ads that go on the iPad: $1,12 per thousand impression. Overall, iOS ad prices were beefed up with 66%. In the Android camp, prices rose with only 54% overall.

    When users surf on their tablets or phones, their attention might be drawn to one of the ads showcased around their webpage. That’s how advertisers make their money. So, for Android devices, MoPub calculated their click-through rates and rated it as about 1% while, iOS devices got 1.3% in December and 1, 7% in January.

    MoPub also gathered data from ads - 30 billion were broadcasted in October, November and December 2012 in order to conclude that colorful media ads are not really better than static ad images. They might be clicked more often but they also cost more. Choosing the classic way has never failed!

    Source: VentureBeat

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    No surprise.

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