Adobe working on ‘Ginger’ iPad app for presentations

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    Using your iPad to create and show presentations might be more intuitive than doing so on a laptop or desktop computer. Adobe thinks just the same and that’s why the company has begun welcoming beta testers of its upcoming Ginger app for the iPad.

    The Ginger app is aimed at helping you build better animated video presentations. As we all know, Microsoft’s PowerPoint software is the most known and used solution in the world when it comes to creatin​​g presentations. Of course, Apple users can always use the Apple Keynote while others can resort to the Slides software from Google or the online presentation making tool Prezi.

    As the app is currently still in beta, you’ll have to sign up and wait for Adobe to invite you to join the program. Some users have received the following message from Adobe:

    The Ginger app for the iPad is said to come with a variety of creation and sharing options, such as touch recording for voice narration, a wide selection of fonts, colors, and motion effects. Also, Adobe wants to assure us that the presentations will have a cinema‑quality animation and they will look “polished, professional, and amazing”.

    Ginger represents Adobe's effort to adapt to the fast growing mobile computing market that includes mobile phones and tablets. Microsoft is said to release a PowerPoint version for the iPad sometime next year, but until and if they do so, Adobe still has a chance of getting many users in their product.

    Source: Cnet


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