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    Address Finder is a different, powerful Application for Navigation.

    It is the best tool one must have on their device; it not only supports you to check your geo-location on map but also reveals the location information instantly.

    There are number of application in the market which show user location on the map but this is totally different from others and very useful as well.

    Useful Features:

    ⇨Displays Accurate GPS Location on Map.
    ⇨Street, Hybrid & Satellite Map Support.
    ⇨Quickly discloses Address of Current Location.
    ⇨Also Displays Latitudes/Longitudes.
    ⇨Email Your Current Located Address & Co-Ordinates.
    ⇨User can click any location on map (Anywhere in the World) other that current location will get correct Address & Co-ordinates of that point.

    There is no need to browse on Internet for particular area or information like address or lat/lon. Just one tap on the map will provide you everything and very easy to email instantly.

    The very useful app designed to simplify navigation & messaging.

    Please note that proper Wi-fi, or network services are required in order to get Addresses & Gps services.

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