Accessory turns iPad into mini Foosball table

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    We all had our foosball tables in college and we spent countless hours dueling our roommates and other friends from the dorms. But very few of us have moved that passion into the living spaces we now inhabit. A foosball table is either too expensive or it just takes too much space. But New Potato Technologies wants to prove you otherwise.

    All you need for you dream to come true is an iPad ….and the housing provided by New Potato of course. Their accessory will encase your tablet adding stubby legs and eight two-axis control rods, transforming the tablet into a mini foosball table. This means that up to four player can play at the time. The only problem would be is that the overall concoction might be too small for so many players to be actually be crammed around it. We guess hands will have to do, but nothing more.

    The ball, the rod-bound players and the sound effects are all provided by the app designed by New Potato Technologies. The app is free from download, but the table casing costs $100. Actually scratch that, if you look it up on Amazon the foosball table costs only $73 dollars. The foosball table will be getting its power from the tablet, so there’s no batteries involved or external charger. The built in USB connected can be used as a charge and sync dock, when needed.

    From now on, no trips to Sportmart are required in the future. Save money and gasoline!

    Source: TIME


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