About to buy an iPad2 - advice please re sim

Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by JonathanBorchard, May 12, 2011.

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    May 12, 2011
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    I have never owned an Apple product and about to buy an iPad2 and really looking forward to it.
    I will be getting an iPad 2 in the US and then using it in UK. I want one with 3G so know I need at AT+T type so I can use a UK micro Sim but what I dont know is if I need to register the iPad first in US with an AT+T pay as u go to get it going then bring to UK and start using a UK sim or can I just buy it and bring straight to UK and start using it with UK sim?
    I have read different advice - one says I need to start using it in US and others say just bring to UK and start using it it.
    Hope someone can clarify.:confused:
    Many thanks

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    Jan 3, 2011
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    We, too, have received conflicting advice about this. For sure, an AT&T iPad will work in the UK - it is not locked to AT&T. However, as you have mentioned, several members who have taken AT&T iPads back to their home country have encountered problems if the iPad was not first initialised using an AT&T microSIM in the US. So far, I have read of only one member who said they were able to buy such an iPad in the US and then get it working in their home country, Russia, without first having initialised it in the US. So, to be safe, I would most definitely buy a minimum PAYG AT&T microSIM - in fact I believe the US models come prefitted with one - and activate it there. An alternate approach would be to purchase a UK SIM before you leave for the US, fit that into the iPad and see (briefly) if you can get it to work successfully. If it won't initialise, then put the AT&T card back and initialise.

    If you do purchase a US iPad and are trying to work out the economics of doing so, remember you'll have to pay 20% VAT and Import Duty when you return to the UK; most people find that seriously impacts the 'attractiveness' of purchasing an iPad in the US.


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