Able AAC -Worlds first and only true Multilingual AAC App. 20 languages and 79 voices

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    Able AAC by AbleVox- Working to give everyone a Voice
    Worlds first and only true Multilingual AAC App. 20 languages and 79 Acapela voices within One App

    Free Version:

    Paid Vesion

    Able AAC is a value priced, easy to use Multi-function and Multilingual Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The application has naturally-sounding recorded text-to-speech voices, close to 800 up-to-date beautifully illustrated drawings, full expandability and extreme ease of use. Also built into the application is a configurable home/school daily schedule list, reminder list, checkable task list, reward/motivational system, video and audio learning system.

    Special educators, speech language pathologists and occupational therapists have found Able AAC a proven communication solution for children and adults. Educators see it as a cost-effective solution for special education.

    Able is currently available with 3 recorded English Accents, one adult US male, one adult female and one US child voice. Able now supports 20 languages with over 79 voices engines which you can buy as a simple inapp purchase for all interfaces including Type and Speak

    We created an easy to use and configurable AAC and added a scheduling, learning & motivational package for the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. This is a paradigm shift in AAC development. Able AAC is completely unique and there is nothing like it in the Apple App store.

    Some of the key features
    1. Easy to use AAC with a default vocabulary of over 800 words and beautifully illustrated pictures. Standard package comes with 3 recorded voices. Ryan, Heather and Kenny. The user can also purchase any 21 Acapela English voice engines. For the next update we are adding 20 more languages with a text pack. The text pack will change the entire app to that language.
    2. Type and speak. E reader. Type, Copy and paste emails, stories, and internet content and listen.
    3. My Daily Visual Schedule. Create tasks throughout the day for the home and school. You can configure points for each entry. When points accumulate above a certain threshold during the week the individual can get a small reward.
    4. My programs and My reminders: Break down a task into smaller pieces by using a points and non points visual check able list. Lots of content for home and school.
    5. Notes: Communication portal for parents and teachers.
    6. My Audios / My Videos. Create your own video on how to do a task. Like how to tie a shoe lace, button and unbutton a shirt etc.

    These features are a small fraction of what the app can do.

    The languages and voices available in Able 3.0 Advanced-Interface-Food.pngConstant-contact-1.pngableipad.jpgabletype.jpgare

    English: Arab Nizar, Australian Tyler, US(Ryan, Heather, Kenny, Saul, Micah, Will(Happy, Upclose, Little Creatures, Scary Adult,Senior Adult), Laura, Nelly), Indian Deepa, UK( Graham, Lucy, Peter, Rachel, Queen Elizabeth, Tracy)
    Arabic: Leila, Mehdi, Nizar, Salma
    Czech: Eliska
    Danish: Mette, Rasmus
    Dutch: Daan, Femke, Jasmijn,Max, Belgian Dutch (Jeroen, Sofie, Zoe)
    Finnish: Sanna
    French: Alice, Antoine, Antoine ( Happy, Upclose), Bruno, Claire, Julie, Margaux, Margaux (Happy), Canadian French: Louise
    German: Andreas, Julia, Klaus, Sarah
    Greek: Dimitris, Dimitris (Happy)
    Italian: Chiara, Fabiana, Vittoria
    Japanese: Sakura
    Mandarin Chinese: Lulu
    Norwegian: Bente, Kari, Olav
    Polish: Ania
    Portuguese: Celia, Protuguese Brazilian: Marcia
    Russian: Alyona
    Spanish: Ines, Maria, Antonio, US Spanish: Rosa
    Swedish: Mia, Elin, Emma, Erik, Emil, Finish Swedish Samuel, Gothenburg Swedish: Kal
    Turkisk: Ipek
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    Wow..this is a pretty impressive app that you developed. I see this helping a lot of people with Communicative deficits.

    Thank you for posting this and Welcome to the Forum!

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