ABC Nightline visits iPad Factory in China.

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    Trying to fathom what is in any mind is always going to be wrong. Think of how many people deny that the holocaust happened. I just watched a video where some Michael Moore wannabe got decked by an elderly Buzz Aldren because he called Buzz a liar and coward. He wanted Buzz to admit that the moon landings were faked. A group claims that Foxconn is using underaged workers, but has no proof. They claim that the lack of them in the audit is because they are hidden. It is so easy to find conspiracies because the lack of evidence is considered evidence of the coverup. Talk about circular thinking.

    As for the Foxconn turnover, any time you bring in a workforce from areas that are different living types, there is going to be a large turnover due to young people getting homesick. My Dad is one of the strongest and most adventurous people I know. My grandmother used to tell me about how my dad cried the night before he left home for the army in 1944. When he married my mother, she loved it everytime we moved because she loved seeing new things and meeting new people. Especially when we lived in other countries. She used to hate long visits home and listening to friends and family's opinions about world affairs, when they had never been more than 50 miles from home. No one knows everything, and it is impossible to understand even your next door neighbor's thoughts.

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