A week in the life of an Android user.

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by Appleaday2566, Apr 6, 2012.

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    That's the crazy thing: iTunes is very fixable, and it doesn't make sense to me why Apple hasn't done it. For a company that prides itself on attention to detail and ease of use, I'd consider iTunes an embarrassment.
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    I find iTunes very usable. My music downloaded with ease, and I have never lost anything. My photos are in iPhoto, and used to be in Kodak's version. Never any maor issues. iTunes simply moves the files as you need. It could improve, but I do not see it being a big fault. The only issue I might have is not being able to make apps and books work on my Mac system. That is not an iTunes issue. It used to be that when you burned a CD, you could create albums. That ability was lost a few versions ago, but since I do not burn CDs any more, I have not noticed it being gone.

    The problem is that the more functions they add to iTunes, the more complicated it gets, and the more complaints they get. And yes, sometimes you need to tweak thngs to make them work for you. I find it irritating when one song in a group/album has a data set that is incompatible with the other songs. Often it happens when the album has more than one singer. I have never understood doing compilations, but I find ways to get it to work. At issue is the fact that iTunes is a huge data base and sometimes sorting gets more complex than the program is capable of. They try to make it work for the dummies like me, and also for those who are into geek talk. Sometimes they succeed. When they don't they catch a lot of flak.
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    Actually it was more Motorola not Verizon misleading people, I've just never experienced this with Apple. Would Apple state there was an update on a specific day and then not release it without any explanation? Or would they allow one of their carriers to say there was an update without Apple first announcing it?
    I've got no complaints with Android in general, just the fragmentation and not knowing what is happening with future plans for updating devices.

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