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Discussion in 'iPad Themes' started by f4780y, Jul 7, 2011.

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    I've read through this thread but I can't seem to figure out why some parts of this theme are missing...and I don't just mean icons not changing :) For example in winterboard there are no SBWall or LSWall choices etc, just the UINique iPad...which is fine if everyone else has that, obviously that is how some themes come; however how do I then get the lockscreen? Or the wallpapers?..including folder wallpapers. They aren't in settings > wallpapers either. The only solution I have had is to go through iFile to /var/stash/wallpaper.3gjBqs/iPad and right at the top thereare 7 Uinique files, open them up and save to camera roll then set them as wallpaper. But that is only a somewhat remedy. Anyone have any idea on this?? :)

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