A Pilot and His Wife Manage to Navigate and Land a Plane by Using an iPad

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    According to recent reports, it seems that a pilot and his wife used their iPads to fly about 80 miles in the dark. They managed to land safely without landing gear at the Rapid City Regional Airport after the electrical systems failed, thus compromising their single-engine plane.

    The couple were flying to Wisconsin from Wyoming when their single-engine propeller plane had a full electrical-system failure about 80 miles from Rapid City. After their electrical systems went out, they resorted to their iPads to navigate to the regional airport.

    It seems that they were not able to alert traffic controllers that they were entering Rapid City airspace so that the pilot had to land the plane on a less-used runway. They utilized airspeed and altitude indicators on their iPads in order to navigate to the Rapid City Regional Airport in Rapid City, South Dakota.

    Rapid City Fire Department Battalion Chief Tim Daly said the following:

    “He had to be a super good pilot.”

    Aircraft Rescue specialist Jerry Lueras made contact with the pilot and his wife minutes after their landing. He added his input, saying:

    "The only instruments they had available were airspeed and altitude indicators. They used their iPads to navigate to a safe landing place"

    Both the pilot and his wife walked away from the crash without any injuries.

    Source: Business Insider
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