A photo refuses to get uploaded to iPad 3 (via iTunes) - plus other gripes.

Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by Jez EMIN, Apr 11, 2012.

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    I have a folder with 7 photos in it, only 6 of them will upload onto my iPad ???

    This is frustrating - if Apple insist that things are done in a rigid, controlled manner, then I want it to work all the time......

    If this were Windows, I'd have sorted it in a jiffy and moved on. Now, I'm faced with yet another problem I never had before I had an iPad.....

    So far, I've had to return 2 apps back to Apple because the were unfit for purpose and today I am very close to sending a 3rd app back because it simply doesn't do what it should do (PhotoSmith) - it doesn't transfer images to your PC via the cable (I learnt today......) - it transfers them wirelessly even IF the cable is connected.

    (47 raw images took over an hour to download from my iPad to my PC via PhotoSmith).

    I like the iPad but the more I discover about it, the less impressed I'm becoming - the above is close to being a 'deal-breaker' (and sending the iPad back at this rate).

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