A notebook app? Why are there no GREAT ones...

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    I write and run Dungeons and Dragons... I need a notebook like paperdesk that allows you to alternate lined, blank and graph paper pages... I need it to create a new page if I type more then fits on my current page instead of running my typing off the bottom of the page into an almost inaccessible area. I need to be able to start and stop text anywhere on the page.... Insert pictures (yes it would be nice if it auto wrapped text around them but I heard there is no app for that yet). ...I need to be able to write in the app with a stylus... Paperdesk is ALMOST perfect.... But it cuts you off at the bottom of a page of typing AND it has sme real lag problems with the drawing / handwriting... I have tried all of the highest recommended notebooks.... Any recommendations??? Gaming is such a big part of my life it would be life changing to get the "write" app for my hobby!!

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