A+Note Perfect note app for stylus writing

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    [A+Note] A Perfect Note App for Stylus Writing

    Writing on iPad just like writing on paper! Special design for stylus writing!

    A+Note gives you a whole new writing experience on iPad, it will free you from old writing method. Still keep your hand in the air ? Still watch your palm in case of accidental touching the iPad ? A+Note makes writing easier! Just put your hand and palm on the iPad and enjoy writing now!

    Major Function
    *Write note on the iPad as convenient as write on the paper
    *Record and write at the same time
    *Convert note to PDF file
    *Send note as e-mail attachment
    *Print note by AirPrint
    *Save note to camera roll
    *Open your note with Apps of your choosing (ex:Evernote, Dropbox, Facebook,and etc..)
    *Write in portrait view, review and organize in landscape view

    App Store :
    https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/a note/id586485507?mt=8
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